100 Strangers : Stranger No. 15

Till date where ever I have mentioned that I am from Kolkata, it’s not entirely true. Though now-a-days I am staying in Kolkata, but I grew up in a small town name Kalyani. At least once a month I visit Kalyani to meet my old friends, school friends, and I discovered this small guy, Lokenath, my stranger no 15 near to Ghoshpara Railway station.

I have to admit that taking photos of strangers is not an easy task, especially when you are outside the country and you don’t speak the local language. But there are times when you don’t have to ask for it, I mean there are many cases in streets where you will capture the candid moments without asking for their permissions. It’s was almost evening and I went out with my friend for a photo walk. I saw this small and cute guy is playing with his friends on our way. Before even I positioned my camera to take his photo, he was ready with his pose already. I took several photos of him but there was a time when he gave me this sarcastic expression and as a street photographer I could not resist myself from selecting that particular photo out of everything else.

The best part I liked about this photo is certainly his expression towards me (which is not something to be proud about, but still I loved it. Well you know). I used my Nikon 50mm f1.8G to capture his naughty but sweet expression. Following me for quite a long time and showcasing me his various expression really made me laugh. He was damn cute and very naughty, but its funny when I asked for his study he became so shy to tell me about it. Somehow I get to know that he is in 2nd standard in some local school in Kalyani.

I really admired my stranger no 15, Lokenath. What about you? Let me know and just for your information I have started boosting up this project putting everything else is on hold. Nope, I don’t want to finish it right now, but just want to make some progress, at least.

Hope you are doing well, take care, always.

About avirup

A software engineer by profession & a photographer by passion. Indian by birth, proud Bengali & hail from the City of Joy, Kolkata. Exploring various places, people & their cultures, lifestyles through viewfinder fascinate me a lot. I would like to define these photographs as my life journals, pieces of my life journey, my imaginations through lens.

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  1. Katinha February 11, 2015

    this one is my favourite so far! his tongue is so white, what a contrast! :)

    • avirup February 11, 2015 — Post Author

      Hahaha. You are absolutely right. His tongue is so white even in the colored version :P

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