Limelight – Colors of Kolkata

Streets can never be dull at Kolkata. The city of joy has given me a new perspective of the people in the street, their life style & their expressions in my last few photo walks.

Captured at Jorasako using my old trustworthy Tokina 11-16 lens. Even though it felt kinda heavy, probably because of using DSLR camera after such a long time, the results were satisfying though. You will be the better judge of it.

You can browse the Street Photography archives. More street photos taken using Tokina are coming soon. Stay tuned.

About avirup

A software engineer by profession & a photographer by passion. Indian by birth, proud Bengali & hail from the City of Joy, Kolkata. Exploring various places, people & their cultures, lifestyles through viewfinder fascinate me a lot. I would like to define these photographs as my life journals, pieces of my life journey, my imaginations through lens.

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  1. Crimson April November 7, 2016

    Nice warm shots in the archive there :)

  2. Diptendu Mukherjee November 7, 2016

    thanks… for this post on our city

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