The Morning Light

A typical morning scene captured at Chitpur Road during my photo walk to North Kolkata Streets, few weeks back. I have always been fascinated by the streets of Kolkata, especially in the morning hours. The city in the morning has its own charm, own stories to tell. It gets even better with your frequent visits to those places, when you discover the known faces of your previous visits.

It’s time to get ready. The sunlight is getting brighter with time, they just can’t be late for work. No weekends for them.

I have started including as many elements possible in my frame not overlapping each other, thanks to flexibility of Fuji 18-55 lens.  I would love to hear your reaction on the photo.

First post of August 2016. Cheers.

About avirup

A software engineer by profession & a photographer by passion. Indian by birth, proud Bengali & hail from the City of Joy, Kolkata. Exploring various places, people & their cultures, lifestyles through viewfinder fascinate me a lot. I would like to define these photographs as my life journals, pieces of my life journey, my imaginations through lens.

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  1. Craig Boehman August 2, 2016

    Great color in the image. The seats of many of these hand-pulled rickshaws are quite artful.

  2. Kaya August 2, 2016

    It seems that everything in such harmony even so many things were included in this photo and there is a flow in this image. Great and vibrant photograph!

    • avirup August 2, 2016 — Post Author

      Thanks a lot Kaya for your beautiful interpretation of the photograph :)

  3. Kathy August 4, 2016

    I really like this photo. The riot of colors and the sharp details add to the sense of a hectic morning just getting underway. Nice job!

  4. joshi daniel August 10, 2016

    busy life :)

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