A Solo Trip to Rainy Lonavala

I generally do solo photowalks, but solo travel to Lonavala from Pune, well that’s a start. Presenting my first solo trip to Lonavala, a hill station surrounded by green valleys in western India, off the Mumbai Pune Express way in Maharashtra. The place is famous for its natural beauty and climate. At a height of 625 meters above sea level. It is 110 km away from Mumbai and 60 km from Pune, quiet a popular place for a weekend trip.


First couple of hours were fast and smooth via Mumbai-Pune expressway. However once I reached Lonavala, noticed a dramatic weather change. It’s kinda warm when I left Pune, but it’s drizzling in Lonavala. It just got sweeter.


They say, the ideal time to visit to Lonavala is Monsoon. I think ‘they’ are right on. Images from my Fuji impelled me to feel like an automatic change in my camera film simulation mode from ‘Provia’ to ‘Velvia’ :). The heavenly landscapes and lush green beauty was such a relief from the city life.





All the photographs are from my Fuji archive of Sep 2016, wondering why on earth I didn’t share it yet at Walk of Life. But this is fun, I can still feel chilly breeze of Lonavala, I can still see the lush green hills beside my window. An astounding trip.

Let me know what do you think ? Share the story from your first solo trip. I would love to see some :)

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A software engineer by profession & a photographer by passion. Indian by birth, proud Bengali & hail from the City of Joy, Kolkata. Exploring various places, people & their cultures, lifestyles through viewfinder fascinate me a lot. I would like to define these photographs as my life journals, pieces of my life journey, my imaginations through lens.

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